Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pleased to Meet...

Daniela Koenn and Marcel Hornung are the creative couple behind the German based design company, Pleased to Meet.

Meeting for the first time in New York, eighteen years ago, when they both worked for other design agencies, Daniela and Marcel moved to Berlin a few years later in 2004, and it's there they designed their first holiday card collection.
Following that, they produced designs every year for the holiday season which were sold in selected stores.
With these products gaining interest and followers,
they finally decided to make the leap to designing and distributing paper products, and founded Pleased to Meet in 2010.
Starting with a few greeting cards, the brand has grown significantly and now includes an array of beautiful products from stationery and home textiles through to ceramics and fashion accessories.

Both Daniela and Marcel are dedicated to their products being top notch, and take an active role in the entire production process, working very closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to make sure each item is given that extra bit of love!

Simple aesthetics and a clean, modern graphic style adorn an abundance of beautiful products from recipe boxes and cards, scarves, pouches, bedding, notebooks, to plates and cups for your little ones,'ll want to buy everything!

I adore all of their pouch designs but the little Flowerpots and Sky pouches are just so nice.
At 9cm x 19cm, the Flowerpots pouch is perfectly sized to fit in your handbag with make up essentials, or if you're a stationery magpie, your best pens and pencils!
For a bigger size, the hand sewn Sky pouch is 18cm x 24cm and a good size to keep your crafty bits and bobs in.

You can see Daniela and Marcels attention to detail play a big part here, with lovely golden zippers, branded tabs, lining and leather bands to finish them off nicely.

Pleased to Meet have a great selection of notebooks.
The Girls Secret Thoughts notebook is small but perfectly formed at 10.5cm x 14.8cm.
Lined, and printed on natural paper from responsible forestry, with super lovely end pages featuring cute little oil bottles.

The new releases from Pleased to Meet include some beautiful boxed pencils.
So nice in fact that I don't think I'd want to use them.
I mean really... dipped in glazing with gold foil stamps on each pencil...yum.
I'd just place them somewhere in view and stare at them lovingly!

 And I love the idea of a dedicated pouch for all those messy cables...

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To buy Pleased to Meet products, head over to their website or click here to see their list of retailers in your area.

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I was provided with free products by the company for the purpose of reviewing.
I only recommend products and companies that I use and genuinely love.
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