Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Creative Quarters...Georgia Ragnall

The next designer to be featured in Creative Quarters is Georgia Ragnall...
Georgia Ragnall is a Textiles & Surface Pattern Design student studying at the University of Bolton, currently in her second year.
 After developing a keen interest in all things pattern whilst still at college she knew she wanted to study a degree which pushed her skills as a surface pattern designer / illustrator. 
Having had a major obsession with paper products from a young age, collecting notebooks (which she still does now), she realised that it was someones job to create and design these pretty things for the home; and  was instantly sold on this being her dream career.
Georgia's main passions lie within stationery, greetings cards & giftware, along with homewares & kids print. 
All of which she would love to eventually design for, whether in a commercial studio environment, or freelancing, eventually working for herself.

She lives in a small village near the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, and LOVES the countryside, a major inspiration for Georgia’s work. 
There's nothing she loves more than going walking with her family; taking a camera to hunt down pattern & colour inspiration for new designs. 
She loves to paint and use a variety of media collecting shapes and marks to then experiment and collage with using digital illustration.
Georgia's degree has really been pushed her skills in surface pattern and illustration. Her style is contemporary, quirky and colourful with a clear passion for paper & fabric.
Quite often she designs for children since her characterful style really suits a younger market 
 She has been busy working on exciting design briefs for bedding  with a international bedding supplier along with designing children fashion prints & creating homeware products for a University exhibition.
Having had a really exciting 2016 taking a collection of Georgias designs to Mood Brussels along with exhibiting her own handmade products at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, she hopes 2017 will bring her new experiences to showcase her designs. 
In 2017 she aims to develop her portfolio, perhaps launch an Etsy shop alongside her studies selling some products such as greetings cards, framed prints and home accessories.
Georgia would love to gain some industry experience working in a studio setting, and is currently looking for experiences & opportunities.
You can find Georgia on her blog over at: www.georgiaragnalldesign@blogspot.co.uk 

Here she blogs about her life as a creative student, along with the process throughout her degree and beyond.
 She is currently building her design portfolio & website and it will be ready to launch
later this year.
Until then, keep track of what she’s up to over at:

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little about Georgia,
and seeing a selection of her work.

To get in touch with her, please visit her website for details.

If you missed the last Creative Quarters post featuring Amy Hodkin, you can read it here.

And don't forget, if you'd like to be featured, 
please send examples of your work with links to website portfolios, 
and some info about you and your background, etc... 
to Louise at loveprintstudio@live.com 
Look forward to hearing from you!

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Colour crush...

Ooh go on then, just one more...
Bonus colour crush day!
Happy Saturday!

(image credits clockwise from top left)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Colour crush...

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks little celebration of colour.
Heres a lovely bright one to finish off the week.

(image credits clockwise from top left)

1 (unknown) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Colour crush...

Hope you're enjoying the colour posts so far this week.
Heres the third in our line up.
This might be a new favourite combo!

(image credits clockwise from top left)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mini colour crush...

Day two of the colour crush marathon, 
and the beautiful work of KT Smail is being featured.

x x x

Monday, 13 March 2017

A week of colour love!

This week is going to be a mini celebration of wonderful colour on the blog, and everyday will see a new colour crush post, sharing beautiful palettes.
Let's start with this little lovely...

(image credits clockwise from top left)

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Something for the weekend...a super green omelette!

A super green omelette full of all the good stuff from Donal Skehan is definitely on my list of recipes to try. 
It looks soooo good!

See the full recipe and method here

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Take Four...it's all in the detail

Whether it's embroidery on denim, heavily embellished jackets or delicately stitched onto knitwear...its all in the detail.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pleased to Meet...

Daniela Koenn and Marcel Hornung are the creative couple behind the German based design company, Pleased to Meet.

Meeting for the first time in New York, eighteen years ago, when they both worked for other design agencies, Daniela and Marcel moved to Berlin a few years later in 2004, and it's there they designed their first holiday card collection.
Following that, they produced designs every year for the holiday season which were sold in selected stores.
With these products gaining interest and followers,
they finally decided to make the leap to designing and distributing paper products, and founded Pleased to Meet in 2010.
Starting with a few greeting cards, the brand has grown significantly and now includes an array of beautiful products from stationery and home textiles through to ceramics and fashion accessories.

Both Daniela and Marcel are dedicated to their products being top notch, and take an active role in the entire production process, working very closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to make sure each item is given that extra bit of love!

Simple aesthetics and a clean, modern graphic style adorn an abundance of beautiful products from recipe boxes and cards, scarves, pouches, bedding, notebooks, to plates and cups for your little ones,...you'll want to buy everything!

I adore all of their pouch designs but the little Flowerpots and Sky pouches are just so nice.
At 9cm x 19cm, the Flowerpots pouch is perfectly sized to fit in your handbag with make up essentials, or if you're a stationery magpie, your best pens and pencils!
For a bigger size, the hand sewn Sky pouch is 18cm x 24cm and a good size to keep your crafty bits and bobs in.

You can see Daniela and Marcels attention to detail play a big part here, with lovely golden zippers, branded tabs, lining and leather bands to finish them off nicely.

Pleased to Meet have a great selection of notebooks.
The Girls Secret Thoughts notebook is small but perfectly formed at 10.5cm x 14.8cm.
Lined, and printed on natural paper from responsible forestry, with super lovely end pages featuring cute little oil bottles.

The new releases from Pleased to Meet include some beautiful boxed pencils.
So nice in fact that I don't think I'd want to use them.
I mean really... dipped in glazing with gold foil stamps on each pencil...yum.
I'd just place them somewhere in view and stare at them lovingly!

 And I love the idea of a dedicated pouch for all those messy cables...

You can follow Pleased to Meet on various social media here...

pinterest | facebook | instagram

To buy Pleased to Meet products, head over to their website or click here to see their list of retailers in your area.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was provided with free products by the company for the purpose of reviewing.
I only recommend products and companies that I use and genuinely love.
All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company in any way.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Etsy shop finds...a chat with Livi Gosling

This months etsy interview is with Livi Gosling.
Livi is a Hertfordshire based illustrator, and creates beautiful artworks with a strong focus around her two favourite things; travel and food.
Since creating a food map for Jamie magazine back in 2013, she's been busy with commissions for more, and you can buy some of her lovely maps in he etsy shop... Amsterdam, London, Helsinki and many more.
And let's just take a moment to appreciate her super cute little food cart series, oh my!

Lets get to know a bit more about Livi shall we...

1. Can you tell us a bit about you and your background... 

I studied Illustration at Falmouth University. 
Living and learning in Cornwall for three years was an absolute joy. 

2. What books/ magazines are you currently reading/ admiring/ perusing?

I'm loving Grace Bonney's 'In The Company Of Women.' It's a truly inspiring read.

3. Tell us about a typical day for you…

I get to my studio building at 9 and then it's a day of freelance projects until around 6pm. I have desk space at my parent's design studio, where I help out with social media, make tea and answer the phone very badly. 
My boyfriend is a Designer there too so I have pretty excellent company. It's also pretty useful to have a structured 9-6 working week. 
I find that I'm far more productive. 

4. Can you give us an insight into your creative process?

I draw out my illustrations onto A3 cartridge paper with my trusty mechanical pencil. 
I then add monochrome tones in black indian ink and scan everything in so that I can arrange my illustrations in Photoshop. 
I add colour digitally.

5. I absolutely adore your food cart series of artworks, 
but whats your favourite item for sale in the shop? And also, the most popular item?

Thanks so much! I'd say that my doughnut food cart print is my favourite as it's full of treats that I most want to eat. 
If you look closely at the menus on my food cart series, you'll notice that I've listed lots of delicious things that I personally, would LOVE to eat. 

6. Complete the following sentence... 
    My happy place is...…… 

On the sofa, eating pudding and watching films with my boyfriend. 
I'm incredibly boring.

7. What are you currently passionate about or fascinated by and how is it inspiring your work?

I absolutely adore food. 
I'd say that wanting to get home for dinner definitely inspires me to work faster so that I can get home quicker… Although I doubt that's quite what you meant!! 
There are so many places around the world that I'd love to visit. 
I don't think it's a coincidence that food and travel both feature so prominently in my work. 

8. What’s the most rewarding thing about being a designer/illustrator?

I'm self-employed and I love being my own boss. 
I'm incredibly stubborn so it suits me pretty well. 
I also love seeing my work in print. 
It's so satisfying being able to hold something that you've created. 

9. In three words, describe your work… 

Inky, tactile, painterly.

10. What makes you laugh?

People falling over. 

11. What's your guilty pleasure?

Without a doubt. 

(all images above copyright of Livi Gosling)

A big thank you to Livi for giving us an insight into her world.

You can follow Livi here...

x x x

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Take Four...don't make me blush

I seem to be wearing a lot of cozy greys and dusky blush pinks at the moment. 
Such lovely colours for a good cozy up! 

Here are a few favourites...
That skirt!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

x x x

Monday, 20 February 2017

The wonderful work of Mouni Feddag...

I discovered the work of Mouni Feddag recently on instagram and immediately wanted to see more.
That colour! 
I mean...seriously...how nice are they?
Such rich palettes with wonderful combinations.

I love her beautiful illustration style and the clever little observations she makes within her work.
Whether eating in a restaurant, picking at a buffet or doing such mundane task like hanging out the washing, her figures are full of character, so much so that you're drawn into their worlds and want to know more.

Check out her website here,
and you can follow Mouni on instagram here

(all images above copyright of Mouni Feddag)

x x x

Friday, 17 February 2017

10 great looking cookbooks out soon!

My name's Louise and I'm a cookbook addict.
There...I said it.
Im a sucker for a good cookbook and my obsession is getting worse...
I need more shelves.

I've been taking a look at some books due to be published over the next few months and will admit I happily clicked 'Add to wish list' on several occasions.
I can't resist them, the recipes, (obviously), the photography and styling, the stories, and let's not forget the smell of a new book!

Here's a little selection of the ones that caught my foodie eye...

Published March 23rd 2017

"Cook up some love in your kitchen. 
Does the question "What's for dinner?" fill you with dread? 
Is the thought of looking for something to cook every day overwhelming? 
Popular food blogger and Pinterest celebrity Rachel Schultz has you covered in Happily Homemade, with 100 tasty recipes even a beginner can serve with pride. 
Reinvigorating familiar dishes with interesting and unexpected flavor combinations, Rachel shares her go-to creations that always get rave reviews. 
Even with so much variety, Rachel's approachable recipes include only ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. 
This gorgeous cookbook includes a photo of every recipe, plus essays and tips from Rachel (and her friends) on hospitality and making life easier in the kitchen. 
Happily Homemade is all about celebrating food and joyfully loving others through cooking. 
Let Rachel show you how easy it can be to bring warmth and delight to everyone at your table by serving something happily homemade."

Published March 7th 2017

"Meet Cade and Carrian Cheney in their debut cookbook, Our Sweet Basil Kitchen, based on their very popular blog, Oh, Sweet Basil, which has amassed a dedicated and popular following since its debut in 2008 and is one of the few cooking blogs by a husband-and-wife team.

Their fresh approach to cooking appeals to a new generation of enthusiasts who love to cook and who want to share the experience of cooking together alongside a real couple. Cade and Carrian's stories of cooking together and their exuberant affection for the traditional fine-tuned regional cuisines invite readers to share their own stories and attempt their own culinary creations. The flavor palettes of their roots-the South for him and the Pacific Northwest for her- have lead to their joyful creations of amazing and ingenious food mash-ups, including Chicken Cordon Bleu Lasagna and Roasted Red Pepper Mac 'n Cheese.

Carrian grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and her cooking essentials are great food finds in farm-to-table produce and bringing out the robust flavors of natural and healthy eating. Her recipes include Heirloom Tomato Tart. 
Cade was raised in South Carolina and loves all things Southern-particularly those that involve a grill. 
His recipes include Steak Burritos with Grilled Zucchini and Sweet-Potato Apple Turkey Chili."

Published March 9th 2017

"I believe that most of us cook and create by being given nuggets of inspiration. 
We take recipes and cook from them, then we cook them again, and tweak them and add things, and then we cook them again. 
It was this idea of passing on favourite dishes to the next generation that inspired my first book, Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter. 

    This book wouldn’t have come about without an email I wrote to my family and friends who are mothers. 
I asked them what they liked to cook and eat: what their fallbacks are, their comfort dishes, the meals they make for their families when time is short. 
I have tweaked, rewritten, added and played around with their ideas, and added my own family’s staples, but without their willingness to share their treasured favourites, there would be no book.
    In a world that is ever changing and not always a smooth ride, food is a thing that binds us. 
So here are those treasures, from mother to mother, with all my love and gratitude…"

- - -

Published June 1st 2017

"When Fearne's not making us laugh onscreen or keeping us company on the radio, you'll find her in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Easy, healthy recipes that are fun to make and delicious to eat - these are the recipes Fearne loves and has become famous for. Recipes she can't wait to share with you, too.

With chapters covering fresh and delicious breakfasts to start your day well; simple, sumptuous lunches to enjoy at home and on the run; and comforting dinners that show you how to eat the rainbow, Cook. Eat. Love provides over 100 recipes that will have you eating happily and healthily at every meal time. 
A veggie herself who cooks meat for her family, Fearne includes recipes that can cater for both and be packed with goodness either way. 
You'll also find plenty of ideas for elevenses, afternoon treats, baked goods and desserts that use plenty of natural ingredients to make those sweet treats guilt-free and just as satisfying. 
From Thai Coconut Soup to Quick and Healthy Pizzas; Roast Chicken Cashew and Chilli salad to Salted Caramel Chocolate Slice and Beetroot Cupcakes, Cook. Eat. Love is guaranteed to bring joy to your kitchen and beyond."

Published March 9th 2017

"Over 100 delicious recipes perfect for a busy family life. 
Make family meals fun again with this approachable guide to adventurous cooking. 
Claire Thomson wants to revitalise cooking for the family making it less of a chore, with separate meals for children and adults, and more of an enjoyable way to refresh your culinary imagination and make cooking for the family something to look forward to. 

The book is divided into timescale sections: quick lunches and suppers that take around 10 minutes, 20 minute reliable recipes, savvy family stalwarts that take 40 minutes at most and unhurried and imaginative recipes that take between 45 minutes and an hour. National Trust Family Cookbook is packed with delicious and colourful recipes for lunches and suppers as well as healthy (and indulgent) breakfast ideas, lunchbox alternatives and food for Sunday roasts and summer barbecues."

Published February 23rd 2017

"Many of us, for various reasons, are trying to reduce the amount of meat and dairy in our diets but are reluctant to let go of our favourite foods.

When chef Sam Murphy decided to change her lifestyle, originally just to lose weight and have a more balanced diet, she assumed that her days of eating pizzas, burgers and brownies were over. But after experimenting in the kitchen, Sam realized that she could still eat all of those irresistibly indulgent dishes while looking after herself and the world around her.

Bringing all of Sam's best recipes together, this incredible collection includes delicious, healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as sides, salads, sauces, smoothies and desserts. 

Whether you're looking to go without meat or dairy every day, every week or just once a month, or if you just want to indulge in guilty food without the guilt, Beautifully Real Food is the perfect guide to making meals you can really enjoy."

Published March 23rd 2017

"Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, a nutritional coach and health food duo from Devon are the founders of Mindful Chef, the UK’s favourite healthy recipe box service. 
Each week they deliver delicious ingredients and recipes to thousands of households, including sporting stars Victoria Pendleton and Andy Murray. 
Here, in their first book, Myles and Giles share 70 delightful and easy-to-make dishes that are nutritionally proven to boost your health and wellness."

- - - 

Published June 15th 2017

"This is the follow-up to 2015’s much-acclaimed My New Roots! Since then, one of the most common requests author Sarah Britton has received from fans was for wholesome, nutrient-rich, recipes that come together in a snap. 
Sarah delivers with a host of recipes that can be made with ingredients from the local grocery, not specialty stores. 
These 100 recipes will inspire you to cook every night!
Sarah’s back a second time with her signature bright photography and fantastic flavours. Britton shows how to streamline vegetarian cooking with chapters on mains, sides, soups, salads, and snacks (both sweet and savoury). 
Instructions feature easy cooking techniques that anyone can master, 
as well as icons for vegan and gluten-free options for quick reference."

Published February 20th 2017

"With an offset spatula laden with buttercream in one hand and a camera in the other, Linda Lomelino has made her mark as one of the most exciting recipe creators and food photographers in the world. 
My Sweet Kitchen, Linda's third cookbook, is bursting with many of her favorite recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, donuts, spoon desserts, and other sweet delights."

Published March 7th 2017

"Gather celebrates simplicity and nature, both in ingredients and cooking styles. 
Head Chef at River Cottage for 10 years, Gill Meller showcases 120 brand new recipes inspired by the landscapes in which he lives and works. 
Featuring chapters on foods from Garden, Farm, Field, Seashore, Orchard, Harbor, and Woodland, Gill gently guides the reader through simple recipes, with no need for obscure ingredients or complicated cooking. 
Gather is the most contemporary of cookbooks, 
with photography that captures a year of the best cooking and eating."

x x x

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