Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes... I love pancakes, and I mean, really, love pancakes!
It could be pancake day every day and I'd be one happy girl!
But seeing as its not, I like nothing more than making a big pile of them 
for a late, lazy (very naughty, but yummy) breakfast at the weekend.

I've been trying out lots of different recipes recently to find the fluffiest, yummiest pancakes; 
good old lemon and sugar, buttermilk, thick, thin, big, small, loaded with fruit and maple syrup, chocolate and banana, and recently I tried blueberry and ricotta and they are amazing! 
(The ricotta makes them so fluffy and light)

Click here for the recipe over on the Simply Delicious blog.
Below is the result of my efforts in the kitchen...
(I loved how the blueberries looked like little jewels sitting in them!)
They didn't last very long...the boy and I scoffed them in record time.

(see...little jewels!)

(photos taken by me for loveprintstudio blog)

Here are a few more of my favourite pancake recipes, give them a go!

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