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I discovered this lovely etsy shop a while back and after receiving one of the brooches from the boy at Christmas I thought Id do a little post on it., owned by Becky from Colchester is an artist and crafter who creates paintings, dioramas, brooches and wooden figures inspired by geometric design and Japanese illustration.

It was hard to pick which design to go for as there are a variety to choose from.

So... it was a case of conveniently placing the ipad on the coffee table, subtly left on the page showing the little harlequin bear brooch in all its glory for the boy to spot...


(above photos by me)

Below are some of her other brooch designs; geometric deer/ stag, green apple, harlequin bunny, origami bird and diamond.
Definitely worth having a little pop over to her shop.

(above photos taken from sketch.incs etsy shop)

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