Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Christmas bake off...

Before Christmas, I said that I'd be spending Christmas Eve doing a spot of baking, so I thought I'd post a few little pics of the results of my labour.

I was quite pleased with how the yule log turned out, (it being my first attempt) but the mince pies leave a little to be desired... 
They tasted lovely but looked a little messy as they struggled to come out of the deep filled muffin tin (silicone muffin tin next time me thinks).

Although, it all added to the rustic, homemade appearance I was clearly going for...

(photos taken by me)

x x x


  1. Your yule log looks amazing! I bet it was scrummy...the mincepies look pretty great too! I was very brave and made my own mincemeat at xmas, it was sooo much nicer than shop bought!x

  2. Thanks Rebecca!
    The yule log was very rich but yummy, went down well.
    I used shop bought mincemeat and added chopped apples and clementines and it tasted lovely. I'll have to try making my own next time.
    Thanks for stopping by x


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