Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oooh scrapbooks...

I was having a bit of sort in my studio a few weekends ago and found some old scrapbooks.
Aahh scrapbooks....oh to have the time to sit blissfully cutting an' a pasting eh!

The amount of hours I must have been spent with the scissors and pritt stick and surrounded by magazines in my Uni days...

And now, how easy it is to quickly pull a mood/trend board together on the good old mac, saving lots of gorgeousness to a desktop folder or such, dragging, clipping masking, moving about, easy to amend if need be, or to add to, etc... aaahh a lot easier, and far less time consuming...but as much fun?

Here are a few little pics of mine...

I did consider throwing them out, scanning in the loveliest bits and saving them on my mac for future use...but I couldn't do it to them! 
It would be wrong...
So there they will remain, a bit of design nostalgia, sitting alongside the ever growing book collection, 
and happy they will be there too I'm sure.

x x x


  1. these are great, I also have those 3 dolls somewhere, they are fab!! :)

  2. As much as I love pinterest and the wonder of photoshop to create moodboards and collections I don't think it is quite as fun as cut 'n' paste but it does save time...I was always getting distracted by interesting things I came across in the magazines I was going through!

    1. I'm definitely a pinterest addict I have to say, but I do still love a good old flick through a magazine and folding the corners for bits to pull out when done reading! happy days :-)

  3. I love this post Louise. All so true! But you know what I think is interesting about looking back on old scrapbooks too - I see some stuff in mine that I look at and think 'ha! what did I ever like about that!!!!' Perhaps not only design has moved along, but I have grown too. (Though have to say yours still look fabulous even with the passing of time :) )

    1. Aaahh thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment!
      Glad you liked the post.
      It was fun looking back at them all :-)

  4. Totally agree with Kitty, its the same with work you may have been pleased with and then when you look back.. you wonder what you were thinking ! But yours still look lovely, either you're fresh out of college or you had a good eye even back then !
    And don't throw them !!

    1. Thanks for popping by and your lovely comment!
      Quite a few years out of uni now, celebrating my 30th next week, eeeeeek!
      And don't worry, they're all safe, going nowhere near the bin! :-)


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