Friday, 7 July 2017

Inspired by... Cathy Nordstrom

Cathy Nordstrom is a surface pattern designer based in Stockholm.
I'm sure anyone interested in beautiful florals, wonderful colour palettes and just gorgeous prints will already follow her on social media.
If not, be sure to do so here...

Inspired by the natural world around her, as well as vintage wallpaper and fabric, Cathy creates wonderful modern florals, patterns and conversational that have been used by clients such as Ikea, Dashwood Studio, Andover Fabrics, and she also has a collection with Lilipinso.

'Provence', her third collection with Andover Fabrics can be seen here.

On her instagram, Cathy shares examples of her prints, but also her processes, so you get an insight into her working sketchbooks and some of the techniques she uses, which is lovely to see.

Below are some examples from her posts...

(all above images © Cathy Nordstrom)

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