Friday, 30 March 2012

Love Print...Love....?

I feature lovely long lists on this little blog (just down the left side) of all the beautiful shops, print designers, illustrators, textile designers, etc... that I love and think are fabulous! 

 I regularly visit them to see what they're up to and it's lovely having them all here in one place in an ever increasing gathering of gorgeousness! (their previous home consisting of scraps of paper and being scribbled down in various notebooks) 

I also have my Etsy shop favourites page through pinterest 
(yet another lovely gathering of some beautiful things) 

So.... I think it's about time I started to do little regular feature blog posts on them. 
The lists link to some great shops, clothing companies, artists, greeting card companies, homeware companies, fabric shops, galleries...that I've stumbled across over the years, and the list really does go on, and on, and I'm always adding to it. 

So, here goes, the first post in my new little regular feature... 'Love print...Love...? '

Oooh who shall be first.....

'Love Print...Love Jane Ormes'

Pensive Puss

I've always admired Jane Ormes work; the whimsical, playful feel she manages to create within her designs, the subject matter, colours, the texture she uses, all soooo beautiful!
Just need to decide which of her lovely gocco prints to purchase... decisions, decisions...

Janes blog can be found here and she is also part of a co-operative called Fig which is a little shop based in Bristol, shared with five other crafts people.

Her etsy shop filled with yet more beautiful prints available to buy, can be found here

Images taken from Janes etsy shop, 
her website

x x x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

New find...

Well, thanks to Nicola at I came across some gorgeous designs from Ashley Thomas that are being sold in Debenhams. They are absolutely bloomin' lovely and I had to order a few purchases straight away, oops!
Cushions, framed art, notebooks...spoilt for choice.

I had a little look at Ashley's website for more designs and its definitely worth a little trip over, yum!

Heres a little taster....

Above - designs featuring in Debenhams currently

( all images from

x x x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blog picks for the Liebster award...

Its been a troubling time picking these blogs for the award, there are soooo many deserving ones out there! 
However, I have managed to whittle it down to a top five, so here goes...
(sorry its taken me a while)
and in no particular order...



Sarah Watts is a successful illustrator and has done work for American Greetings, Penguin Books, OshKosh and International Greetings amongst others.
Her blog showcases her beautiful illustrations and her etsy shop can be found here.
Sarahs website gives details of her portfolio covering surface pattern, illustration and art for books.


'my attic'

A lovely blog with some beautiful imagery.
Using her attic to create spaces that inspire, filled with second hand treasures and things that make her smile, and then sharing them with us lucky followers!



Dawn is a freelance designer and her blog is full to bursting with her cute characters!
Including little everyday happenings with her dog and family and occasional mishaps around the home, most recently a kitchen disaster, it makes for a lovely read!


'abigail brown illustration'

Well known for her textile art, including her beautiful birds, Abigail also has an illustration blog showcasing her lovely character artworks.
Her designs have featured in Marks and Spencer, Pumpkin Patch, Mothercare and many others.
You can visit her etsy shop here where she sells her birds, creatures and beautiful butterfly brooches.

Caroline designs patterns for papergoods and childrenswear as well as teaching on the BA Printed Textiles course at Leeds College of Art.
Her blog is full of her cheerful designs and she also has an etsy shop where you can buy notebooks and screen prints. One busy lady...


So yay to these lovely blogs! 
Be sure to pop along and check them all out...

( all blog headers used above, are copyright of the owners)

All you have to do now my five blogging friends, is write a ickle post linking back to loveprintstudio blog with a little thanks, and then pick your top five blogs with less than 200 followers that you feel are worthy of the award next, happy days :-)

Ooh and heres the Liebster pic to display proudly on your blog!

One last thing to mention... I couldn't award our yummy Paper and Cloth blog with the Liebster as we have more than 200 followers, but only just, so I thought I could give it a cheeky little mention as part of this blog post anyway :-)
Have a little gander here...showcasing some lovely new artworks from the portfolio 'Ahoy There Rosie'

x x x


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

On my bookshelf...

I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to books and I thought I'd share a new addition to my bookshelf with you...

I know I'm probably the last person to get a copy of 'Homespun Style' by Selina Lake and theres not really much point writing about it and continuing to tell everyone to go out and buy a copy of it, as its been doing the rounds in blog land for a while now...
But, I shall continue to do it anyway as its absolutely beautiful!

Honestly, I have to admit, I haven't read it in any great detail yet as the imagery is just so bloomin' gorgeous, I had to keep turning the page to see what was next!
She's gone and done it again with another stunning book! 
I thought 'Bazaar Style' was yummy, but this instalments a visual treat.

Covering everything from crafts, textiles, customising, children's rooms through to outside living, colour and pattern, it really is worth parting with your pennies.

Each photograph that features in the book has been styled and shot beautifully.
(Im no expert but I do love a well styled photo)
Chintz and retro wallpapers are followed by vintage teacups and sewing rooms, walls filled with an eclectic mix of frames, bookshelves and piles of yummy fabrics for a craft room... ooh it goes on, just beautiful.

Anyway, don't just take my word for it.
Here a few pages from the book...

(photos above from the book taken by me, copyright of the book itself, Homespun Style - Ryland Peters and Small)

x x x


Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday yumminess...

Thought I'd share two lovely online shops with you all today.
Something bright, bold and colourful for a Friday!

Handmade artworks, bedlinen, cushions and garlands...
Gorgeous colours, simple, clean abstract prints and fun type, super yum!
(all images from the castle and things website)

Next up... swiden

More gorgeous colours and lovely abstract prints.
Amongst others, they have cushion covers, mugs, cards and tea towels available in their shop.

Pop on over to both websites and have a little look at more of their beautiful designs.

(all images from the swiden website)

x x x


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Our little trip to Cornwall...

Well...our little trip down south last week was lovely, and between us, we managed to eat and drink our way through half of Cornwall with endless cream teas, cornish pasties, and visits to Rick Steins fish and chip restaurant in Padstow, and a lovely lunch at Mr. Olivers Fifteen, right on the coast near Newquay, mmm mmm mmmmmmm..... indeedy!

We had little trips out to Padstow, Falmouth, Newquay, Truro and some really cute little towns and villages along the way.

Here a few favourite snapshots...

Image 1 - 'Couple' by Blanca Gomez

Image 2  - 'Brown Bear' by Lisa Jones Studio
Image 3 - 'Fairytale Boot' by Lisa Jones Studio
(all bought from Willow and Stone)

Cards by Hannah Cole bought from Whistlefish gallery

All other photographs taken by little old me

Managed to discover some hidden gems too
amongst all of the surfboard and bucket and spade shops :-) including some beautiful artwork by the super talented Hannah Cole in 'The Whistlefish' gallery and a lovely little shop called 'Willow and Stone' in Falmouth selling kitchenalia, stationery, prints and general unusual gorgeous paraphernalia!
(Obviously a few purchases were made along the way... it would have been rude not to!)

All in all, a good time was had by all, including the pups!

happy days :-)

x x x

There's no denying it... followers and regular visitors to my little piece of blog land over here will know, clearly I love anything to do with design, illustration, print, pattern and general creative loveliness... 

 But, my other BIG love is food! 
Yes, there's no denying it, I love eating it, reading about it, watching certain celebrity chefs cook it (no mention of Mr. Oliver! mmmmm) it and then dabbling with some of it in yummy recipes myself. 
And I do love a good foodie blog, especially one with beautifully styled images and this ones a keeper! 

I recently discovered call me cupcake and fell head over heels instantly as I searched the archives and cooed over the gorgeous photography and yummy recipes... just beautiful, and I'm sure you'll agree. 

Here are just a few of my favourite picks...

(all images from

x x x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ooh how nice....

Well, after a lovely few days down in Cornwall spent mostly eating, drinking, shopping and exploring,  (photos to follow soon) I'm back to find my ickle loveprint studio blog has been given an award, yay!!!!

A big thank you to the lovely Rebecca over at littletree designs who has listed me, along with five other fellow bloggers to receive the Liebster Award! 
(check out her post here and be sure to have a little gander at the other blogs as they're super yummy!)

How lovely :-)

What a nice end to a great weeks holiday...

My next task is to pick five more fabulous blogs to receive the award 
(that bit will be tricky, there are sooooooo many gorgeous blogs out there in blog land) this space for my selections over the next couple of weeks

As for now, I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine on this lovely Sunday

happy weekend all!

x x x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Visual delights...

I'm off for a few days away with my favourite boys next week so thought
I'd leave you with some visual treats until I'm back.

A little mixed bag for your delight...


“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough”. Rabindranath Tagore

Image from sosochampignon blog - Sophie Morille

Hanabi fabric bow tie necklace - Frumafar's etsy shop

Bloom your room : DIY Paper flowers - Image from papernstitch blog

Image found on weheartit

Quill and Fox - Image from design crush blog

Have a good week everyone

x x x

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