Friday, 28 November 2014

Etsy shop find...a chat with Tuesday Schmidt!

I've got a corker of an etsy interview for you today; the amazing work of  Tuesday Schmidt 
Tuesday is a super talented illustrator and I adore her work.
She has a lovely style and the storytelling within her artwork is great.
I particularly like her 'very important ballet moves' print and 'lets make pancakes', sooo yummy!
Pop on over to her etsy shop and take a look at her website too!

They'd make great Christmas pressies for your little folk.

So, lets get to know Tuesday...

1. Can you tell us a bit about you and your background

I currently live and work in Kansas City, Missouri. 
I am a designer and illustrator for Hallmark Cards Inc. 
When I'm not working, I love, love, love making fun stuff for little people. 
I particularly love making patterns for decor and textiles and quirky artwork for their rooms.
My career path is a little unconventional. Especially for the field I'm employed in. 
I went to a few different colleges and graduated with a degree in Intaglio Printmaking. Which translates to : cool old way to make prints from metal plates-but not a cool way to get a job or make money. 
I ended up where I am because I was constantly working, making things, networking and putting myself out there. I was lucky enough to have people who liked my work steer me in the directions I needed to go. 
My first real job was for K&Company designing all those cool scrapbooking papers and journals. Years later I left to go to Hallmark. I get to work in one of the largest creative communities and draw all darn day. 
The irony is, I have never even taken an illustration class once in my life and it's basically what I do for a living. 
So, if ya love something and do it non-stop, the planets are bound to align. 

2. Do you have any design heroes, and what keeps you inspired?

As I mentioned, I work in a very large creative community. 
I am inspired daily by artists I work with. 
But outside of that community, my favorite artist is Oliver Jeffers. 
I love everything he does. I'm incredibly inspired by storytelling-especially children's books. 
I have a daughter and I may have more children's books than she does. But I'm nice and share them with her.

3. Can you give us an insight into your creative process?

I usually get ideas before I fall asleep at night. I joke that it's the curse of a creative mind. Never stops! 
But then I'm usually excited the next day and feverishly sketch out the idea. 
This happens all the time and sadly, since there are a lot of ideas that come-not all of them get to make it into the world. 
I seriously have like 10 projects, unfinished, tucked away in my office. Which makes me sad but I'd need to employee a factory to make all those abandoned ideas come to life. Lately my creative process has entailed me cranking away at my computer listening to hours and hours of podcasts and audio books. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

4. What books/ magazines are currently on your coffee table?

I have a toddler. There's nothing on my coffee table. 
Oh, how I miss art books and magazines. 
We have children's books around here these days. And my very favorite is Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. I love it so much. I also love Jon Klaussen books. 
And the Baby Lit books. So good.

5. What makes you laugh?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I've joked that Tina Fey is my spirit animal. Only I'm not joking. That woman is a hilarious genius.

6. Describe yourself in 10 words or less…

Look at that hot mess making stuff--but mainly messes. 
That sums it up. 
And it's exactly ten words. 

7. What are your ‘big loves’ and what’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

My big loves are my little girl, my super cute husband, my monster mutt dogs, horrible spring storms, snowy winters, Christmas night, the mountains ( but not driving on mountain roads--death traps), French food and making things that make people happy. Oh, and dark chocolate. That's a no-brainer.

8. Tell us about a typical day for you

I wake up to a baby bouncing happily in her bed. I work part time, so if I'm going to work it's a mad-dash to get this whole family out the door. I hit the cafe at work, grab my coffee, get to my desk and plug in. 
I typically browse Pinterest and blogs to start off. Then I get to work. I draw and design all day and have lunch with my funny girlfriends pretty much every day. At the end of the day I head home, get my baby, have dinner with my family. Then I play with my daughter and read her stories. When she's asleep I run a few miles, then snuggle on my couch and watch a show while drawing. Then I try to go to bed and get bombarded with 1000 new ideas. 
On the days I don't work I'm home playing with my daughter pretty much all day. I'm very lucky that I get the best of both worlds.

9. Whats the best thing about being an illustrator?

I love making up people or characters. That is fun stuff. And I get to drink coffee and listen to creative stories on podcasts while I do it. It's an entertaining gig.

 10. What is your favourite piece for sale in your shop?

I love "Let's Go Canoeing." The little buffalo in the canoe with canoeing supplies. I love buffaloes. And canoeing. So he makes me happy. I just recently added a few Fancy Girl wall hangings. Those were so fun to make. And they're super girly, which I surprisingly love. 

11. Do you regularly read any blogs? If so, what are your top three?

 I do. I love Pinterest but I think that has kinda stolen thunder from the blogs. I love Pikaland, 100 Layer Cakelet, Lay Baby Lay, The Boo And The Boy, Designlovefest.

(All above images are copyright of Tuesday Schmidt)

Thanks to Tuesday for taking some time out to share a bit of her world with us!
You can follow her here:

pinterest | facebook | website | etsy | blog

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

P&C Christmas shop and a Christmas Designer Market!

Roll up, roll up, get your Christmas wrap!

Paper & Cloth wrap is back in stock, double whoop whoop!
Ooh and look at that...just in time for crimbo.

There are lots of new designs as well as some goodies from last year too;
'Fa La La' is back and Becs gorgeous 'Enchanted Wood' and now in a stunning gold metallic option too. 
New designs include an ode to baking in my 'Xmas Bakery' collection 
(of course right..? Wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of bakery goodness) 

There's some fun goings on in Carlys 'Christmas character' wrap and some polar bear tandem action!
They're clearly scooting off to get their gift wrap?!

Anyway, here's some of what you can expect over at the notonthehighstreet shop...

And this little sneaky one got in there at the printers, not Christmassy at all but it's all ready for the Designer Market at the weekend...

Paper & Cloth will be one of the many lovely exhibitors at the Christmas Designer Market in collaboration with Dot to Dot, being held at the V&A Museum of Childhood this Sunday, 10am - 5pm.
There'll be christmas creature making workshops and fashion shows, a cake sale and live music.
The lovely Jen will be there with our wares; art prints, gift wrap and much more, so pop along if you can.

x x x


Monday, 24 November 2014


I came across the most beautiful etsy shop recently...
Barruntando is a group of girls from Spain who make stunning pieces of pottery; 
'useful pieces with a twist', as their shop describes.
Yarn bowls, planters and pots, ornaments, cups, teapots and much more.
Here are a few of my favourite picks...

(all images above taken from Barruntando etsy shop, all copyright belongs to them)

x x x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Colour crush...

I am seriously loving anything and everything that sparkles and glistens lately..whats going on?
So, I couldn't resist a little colour crush board in honour of that, hooorah to the sequin!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

(clockwise from top left)

x x x


Monday, 17 November 2014

Take Four...

Here's a bit of dotty, polka dot, confetti sprinkled, crafty loveliness to brighter up your Monday!

Ooh and speaking of crafting, Grazia listed me as one of their 
Yay! Thanks Grazia.

Here are the other four lovely pinners to follow from the article too;

and here's a link to my party board

x x x


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This & That...

A simple, 'This & That' post today.
I'm sure my doodles would be soooo much better if I used those pencils, 
and even more so if my nails looked like that too!
All of those rings might get in the way though...

x x x


Monday, 10 November 2014

Mini colour crush...

A ickle mini colour crush for you today...
Featuring the very beautiful paintings of Jen Garrido aka Jenny Pennywood.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, 7 November 2014

A Magical Moodboard...

This time of the year starts to feel pretty special with everyone busying around and momentum building towards that 'most wonderful time of year...'
Heck, the new John Lewis advert was released's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Little Monty the Penguin, bless...

So just for you, here's a magical kinda mood board.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014


x x x


Monday, 3 November 2014

Hello November!

Well, it's here...that scary month that gets everyone starting to think about the C word, eeeek!
Yes, its good old November, fireworks and all.
Hello there!

(image above copyright of louise/loveprintstudio)

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Instagram snaps...October 2014

Here's a little instagram round up for October...

My month seems to have been filled with coziness and a very definite move into colder weather and darker nights!
The first fire of the season was burning away whilst I perused through old cookery books (check out Jamies hair!)
Gorgeous colours at the garden centre which were then transported back to our own garden and we now have lovely, beautifully co-ordinated driveway flowerbeds.
Beautiful night skies and long walks in the Wyre Forest and Cannock Chase, complete with big chunky scarves, a muddy fluffy one and cups of tea, ooh and a bit of cake.

Hope you all had a good month.

x x x

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