Friday, 27 April 2012

Gorgeous garlands....

I've recently discovered the gorgeous blog 'hello olive' by Colleen.
 It's a lovely blog, showcasing some wonderful finds, and after a little post on featuring some beautiful garlands from little nest box, I had a trawl through Etsy to see what other garland related delights I could find. 

I think I'm going to need a felt garland in my life very soon...


isla corbett

happy shopping!

x x x

Nom nom nom....

Well I must say, I've been doing quite a lot of food based activities of late, happy days eh...
Lots of yummy cake baking over Easter and a super special layered trifle which went down a treat over a meal with the folks.

But, the best bit...a little outing to Jamie's Italian in Birmingham last weekend, very nice indeedy! Here are a few pics I took while the boy and I were nibbling our way through the menu. (i couldnt quite believe the size of the burger when it arrived)
A couple of homemade lemonades, an Italian burger, a Meatball special, a warm brownie and an Amalfi lemon curd slice later and we were pretty full to bursting... on to the shops!

Definitely recommend a visit if you're passing.

and heres the trifle that went down a treat... ;-)

ooh and the lemon curd cake...

and my little kitchen helper...

Photos by me

ooh what to make this weekend...!

x x x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

On my bookshelf...

I've had a little book purchase frenzy recently and just couldn't resist these lovely books by Jennifer Adams. Im a sucker for a beautifully illustrated children's book and have quite a few gathering on my bookshelf, and these are the latest to be added.

All of them are illustrated by Alison Oliver and the titles are 'Little Masters' or 'Little Miss'. 
The four books in the collection are Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Romeo and Juliet, and I'm hoping there'll be more added in the future as they're sooo lovely.

Three of them are counting primer books and feature significant, key imagery associated with each story, going from 1 to 10, Romeo and Juliet's one balcony, seven masks, eight love letters, etc...
and the fourth is a colours primer, picking out key colours from the story; Alice's black shoes, a white rabbit, orange cat, etc...

Here are a few little pics...

 (all pictures taken by me)

Ooh and my next parcels arrived this know what that means...
The lovely Tea and Cake book I was awaiting, yay!!

x x x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Inspired by...Sol Linero

Well well well, a little treat instore today I must say, gorgeous work by Sol Linero...
Working within illustration and animation, Sol has an amazing portfolio of designs and has worked with companies such as Nickelodeon and MTV, among others.

She very often features her beloved dog, Poncho, and adopted cat, Lupita, in her work so see if you can spot them when you have a looksie.
The colour she uses is beautiful and mixed with her style of graphics, layering and texture...yum! I'm a big fan!

You can reach her Etsy shop here, and her online portfolio here.
Here are a few of her illustrations...

All images from

x x x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ooh how lovely...

The lovely Rebecca over at littletree designs has been busy adding some new designs to her etsy shop, which you can visit here.
You can also get free shipping if you nip over to her blog and enter a special code, heres the link.
These are a few of her designs...

happy shopping!

x x x

Emma Block...

I've recently stumbled upon the lovely work of Emma Block, on various websites and of course through pinterest.

I have just ordered her beautifully illustrated book 'Tea and Cake' to feed both my love of yummy food/ recipes, and illustration, happy days! 

But where to keep or kitchen...? :-)

I shall await the arrival of the book and do a little show and tell, but for now, I thought I'd share a few of her designs with you.
Her website can be found here, and her Etsy shop here.
She also has her own blog here.

For any of you interested in buying the book, I found it over on amazon here.
other book stores are available ;-)

Above images from Emmas website portfolio

x x x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Inspired by...Hilary Bird

So, its that time again...
and havent you just gotta love the work of Hilary Bird!

She is a designer and illustrator working in the San Francisco bay area.
Her etsy profile describes Hilary as being constantly inspired by vintage fabric, 
wallpaper, mid century style, animals, knitting, 
pattern in any shape or form, flea markets, swedish design, 
yoshitomo nara, natural wonders (and disasters), and the absurd!

Hilarys lovely Etsy shop can be found here and includes her prints, cards, tees and accessories.
And you can also follow her goings on over at her blog at

Here are a few of my favourites....

But who am I kiddin'!? They're all gorgeous!

(all images from Hilary Birds etsy shop)

happy weekend all

x x x

Thank you...

I just thought Id' drop in and say a little thank you to all of my lovely new followers. 
I have recently had a little surge of newcomers so thought I'd take the time to say both 'Hi' and 'Thanks!'
I am extremely grateful that you all continue to follow my goings on 
and like to see whats inspiring me, the blogs I love, the designers I admire, 
the things I've recently stumbled upon...among other little features on here too. 
And I love reading all of your comments :-)

If you didn't know already, I can also be found in pinning heaven over on pinterest (just click the little 'P' icon down the left hand column)

And its very true what people say, its sooooooo super addictive! 
You have been warned!

Here are just a few of my most recent pins... and what you can expect to find...

Hop on over and say hi... 
you're sure to stumble across some lovely images and find loads of fab pinners who inspire!

x x x

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