Monday, 31 March 2014

Instagram snaps...March 2014

Bit of a bigger collection of bits and bobs this month for my instagram snaps...with a very sunny and warm week off thrown into the mix for good measure, happy days!
Here's what I've been up to in March...

...lovely days out with my boys and reliving childhood memories with a day at Stourport books to add to my kitchen bookshelf, highly recommended is the itsu cookbook and the huge range of Good Housekeeping mini books. 
In particular, loving this 'let's do brunch' one!
...finally breaking out my sparkly flats at the slightest hint of some sunshine wardrobe additions with a common theme; gorgeous soft pastels, stripes and bits of sparkle 
(obviously to go with the shoes!)
...loving my new Accessorize necklace with stripe combo, such beautiful colours
...this months Jamie magazine is a treat! new read for the month 'The Never List'
... a serious pile of pancakes for pancake day, oops!
...a few days away in Antwerp and Amsterdam with a lovely gal, how fab is this wall of clogs? 
Beautiful views down the canal and a cheeky little purchase of these dipped mini ceramic vases, which now sit very proudly in the kitchen.

So, mine seemed pretty busy looking back, hope you all had a good month too!

x x x
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