Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Inspired by...Rosehip cards...

I've always loved the designs from Rosehip cards, and have come to acquire a nice little gathering of their notebooks that sit very nicely on a shelf in my studio. 
Sooooo nice!
Silkie, the designer behind Rosehip always uses such lovely colour combinations and the patterns are super nice. 
I can never decide which ones to have when I see them in the shops, 
so end up buying all of them! 
(just to fuel my notebook obsession)
Well, I came across some of their new designs recently and they are beautiful...
The collection features tape measures, buttons, cotton reels, lots of lovely haberdashery bits and bobs...across small and large notebooks, gift wraps, tags and cards.
And not only are the products themselves lovely, but I really like the styling and photography used on the shoot too, mmm...
Here are a few of my favourites from the website...

Check out their blog too

(all images above from rosehipcards website)

x x x

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