Monday, 2 July 2018

Creative Quarters...Noe Onoff

The next designer to be featured in Creative Quarters is Noe Onoff.

Noelia (aka Noe Onoff) is a self-taught illustrator from the Canary Islands, Spain, currently based in Texas. 

She and her husband arrived there last year to work, but it's not their final destination. They would like to travel and live for a while in other countries. For them, this is a great way to grow personally and professionally.

She has a Masters Degree in Music and a Bachelors in Elementary Teaching. 
Before she knew about the illustration world, she was a full-time cellist and elementary teacher. 

One day, she started drawing for fun and to express herself, and little by little she found illustration as a profession, and she fell in love with it. 

She loves to teach and enjoys being with children and also learns from them. But, in this job, she feels that she can't let her creative side come to life, so she started to take online classes with Lilla Rogers, Jackie Rueda, Meisi and Lisa Congdon to improve her artistic skills.  

At this moment, while she is working as a substitute teacher in the USA, she is illustrating for others and designing stationery and decorative products for her Etsy shop

Through her work, she wants to bring joy and beautiful things to others. For her, its all about giving a little more of color to people's lives, to inspire and motivate them.

For Noe, inspiration comes from the world around her, music, childhood books and movies. Inspiration for her is the sound of rain or her favourite musician, the words of the audiobook she is listening to, or the sun lights during the sunset. Being outside enjoying nature gets her creative juices flowing. 

You can get in touch with her through her Instagram account

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I hope you've enjoyed reading a little about Noe,
and seeing a selection of her work.

If you're interested in working with Noe, or want to get in touch with general enquiries, please visit her instagram account for contact details.

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