Wednesday, 23 August 2017

On my bookshelf...Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud

Following the last 'On my bookshelf' post featuring Katie Harnetts book 'Archie Snufflekins Cat',
I'm including another of her books in todays post, her second to be published,
'Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud'. 

I just adore Katie illustrations, so rich in colour and detail on every page, and this book does not disappoint.
It's the story of a lonesome raincloud and his efforts to find a friend...someone who likes the rain.
Some would think he's got a tough job on his hands.
Well he has, until he comes across Ivy, a grumpy florist.
No spoilers in this post.. I'll let you read all about their unexpected, yet 'blossoming' friendship in the book!

Every page is beautifully illustrated in Katies signature style, but
the page featuring an illustration from the viewpoint of the raincloud is just beautiful, seeing Ivy in the distance from above, such a lovely perspective.

Here are a few photos...

 Available to buy here from Wordery.

(photos above © Louise Love Print Studio, 
illustrations copyright of Katie Harnett)

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