Friday, 6 November 2015

Something for the weekend...painting terracotta pots...

I can never seem to find plant pots in really nice colours, and since my succulent obsession began I've been in need of a few more pots than normal.
So after an unsuccessful shopping trip to find some, I decided to just bloomin' well do my own!
You don't need much equipment and you can pick whatever colours you want, happy days!

Terracotta pots
Newspaper or an old dust sheet/towel you don't mind ruining
Surface primer (I used this one from Amazon)
Paint (I used the sample pots you can buy from DIY shops, but acrylic paint is fine too)
Paintbrushes/foam brushes (I tried both and found a normal paintbrush worked best but it depends on what you prefer)

After removing any stickers, give the pots a wash and scrub. 
Make sure they're clean and free of any dirt. 
Once dry, take your pots outside or put them in a well ventilated area ready to spray with surface primer.
I lay mine out on an old dust sheet in the garden.

I used a white primer but you can find clear or different colours depending on what you want the end result to be.
(Follow directions on the particular primer you're using) 
I gave them two light sprays to the outsides and they were ready for their paint colours

Yummy colours!

I painted some all over, others with strips of colour, did some mark making on a couple (using a black sharpie pen), painted gold shapes on another, (using washi tape to to mask out areas) do whatever takes your fancy...

Make sure you paint the inside of the pot around 1cm/1.5cm down from the top so you don't see the terracotta colour once you've potted your plants and filled them with soil.
Leaving the insides unpainted will help keep the natural porosity of the terracotta, allowing the plants to breath once potted.

And here they are!

(all photos in this post copyright of louise / loveprintstudio)

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