Monday, 1 September 2014

Instagram snaps...August 2014

Well well...into September we go.
White rabbits!
But before we go too head-on, here's August in instagram form.
Hope you had a good month!

Mine went a bit like this...

It seems a lot of my month involved food... (obviously right, why wouldn't it?)
Pancakes at The Cupping Rooms in New York, a must on every trip.

Lots of new cooking books to add to the shelf; Jamie's Comfort Food, the new Bake Off book, The Green Kitchen amongst others, eek!
Running out of shelf required soon me thinks.

I made some glorious granola too, super healthy, vegan, all those yummy super foods included
(recipe coming soon)

Watermelon smoothies, tick

Watermelon, strawberry and lime infused water, tick

We had a little venture across the pond for Printsource.
A little shattered on our return but who better to spend a couple of chilled sleepy days fluffy boy curled up beside me.

Ooh and the new collections from P&C for Lilipinso were launched, yay!
And I finally got around to attacking my studio walls with the stickers from the previous collection.

It officially got cold at the end of the month too, so the novelty socks were out, piggys!
Love these guys

And tea hearts...not much else to say.

x x x


  1. Full of positive vibes and inspirations :) As always!I'm waiting impatiently for granola recipe :)

    1. Aah thanks very much Bea! Granola will be coming up soon, promise :-)


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