Monday, 30 June 2014

Instagram snaps...June 2014

Well, let's see...
 What did June bring...

Yummy new purchases from Anthropologie

The beginning of an obsession with smoothies

A new camera! (happy dance)

Some P&C bits spotted in Paperchase

Pancakes for breakfast

A little work in progress for my 'Hello June' post with some Sharpie pens (big kid right?)

Al fresco lunchtimes (sun, yay!)

Fathers Day and a country fayre 

Lots of healthy eating and venturing into eating raw with these raisin and ginger bars. 
Raw brownies and chocolate using cacao powder coming next, mmm. 
(watch this space)

Lots of moments of utter cuteness from the fluffy one we call Alfie

How was your month?

x x x

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