Friday, 31 January 2014

Instagram snaps...January 2014

Well, January really has gone in the blink of an eye, and looking back at my instagram snaps this month, not really filled with a great deal of excitement.
I always think January's a bit of a 'meh' kinda month to be honest, probably along with a lot of you.

But heres what I've been up to...
Happily organising away; make up, crafty bits, my ever expanding scarf collection, etc... 
The start of a new year always makes me feel like having a bit of an all round tidy and sort, so thats exactly what I did.

I've promised myself this year I will definitely read more. 
The aim being at least one book a month but hopefully more. 
And I made my first move nearer to kindle territory by downloading my first ebook for the ipad, 
the new Bridget Jones 'Mad about the Boy'. 
I didn't mind reading it on the ipad but I do like the feel of a good book and the flick of the pages, 
so I'm not converted just yet, but we'll see.
Next on the reading list (of the paperback variety) 'The Husbands Secret'.
I only started this last week but so far..very good indeed.
So, currently on track; 1.5 books read for the first month of 2014.
(Yay me!)

I also managed to get hold of one of the canvases from the Lilipinso collection I worked on at Paper and Cloth, soo nice to see it in real life.

Ooh and the cheeky little dinosaur demolishing the big city framed print was a belated Christmas present for my friends little boy, hope he likes it.

Hope you all had a good January.

x x x

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