Monday, 25 November 2013

Witley Court...

On our week off together recently, me and the boy, fluffy one included, had a little trip to the very spectacular Witley Court.
There was a large house fire there in 1937 and the house and grounds are still as they were, following the fire. 
It was obviously a devastating thing that happened, but what remains is pretty amazing to see.
I first visited the grounds when I was back in college doing a photography module and I still have the photos somewhere. 
I remember I was trying out black and white film at the time (yes, film!) and managed to get some atmospheric and moody shots that I was really pleased with.
So, now I have my lovely slr, I took it along and took some photos 13 years on...

I probably got a bit carried away when editing these shots, but I really liked the mood it created.
Ooh the drama!

Aaaww, the boys...

(photos taken by me for use on loveprintstudio blog)

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  1. wow love your photos! You are so lucky to have such beautiful things to photograph. We don't have many historical buildings and grounds here in Australia sadly.


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