Monday, 11 November 2013

Fruit and nut granola...

What better way to start off a new week...
I've got a new granola recipe to share with you today, packed with energy boosting fruit and nuts.
If you read my last post on another recipe recently you'll know how I'm not too keen on shop bought granola, as many of them have that naughty old sugar pretty high on the list of ingredients. 
So I like to make a batch of my own that then lasts a while if stored in an air tight container.
There are so many variations to have a go at it and this one's
packed full of dried fruit, oats and nuts, mmmm

With a good helping of fresh fruit, 
a dollop or two (or three) of natural yoghurt
and a sprinkling of this granola...
good start to any day in my book...

I found this recipe on the bbc good food website, so head on over there for ingredients and directions.

Here are a few pics...


(photos taken by me for use on loveprintstudio blog)

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