Friday, 4 October 2013

Pizza night...

Last weekend saw my first attempt at making pizza dough...
and I have to admit, there reaches a point when dough is literally all over the kitchen worktop,
stuck to hands, spatulas and pretty much everything else in the vicinity,
when I did start to question whether the boy and I would be eating that night or whether we'd be calling for pizza instead... 
However, with a bit of perseverance and patience (definitely required)
the dough finally became remotely workable... was kneaded,
left to rise, (and very nicely indeed it did too), and sure enough, a little decoration of tomato sauce, mozzarella, mint, basil and cherry tomatoes and 20 minutes later,
we had homemade Margherita pizza fresh from the oven! (yay me!)

Right, here's the best bit...

I seriously urge you to try this recipe and to go through the turmoil with the dough because it is sooooo worth it...the best pizza ever!
I know essentially its just plain old tomato and cheese but oh so good!

Heres a link to the original recipe found on Chatelaine for modern Margherita pizza
I literally followed the recipe to the letter apart from using mozzarella instead of goats cheese and I also found I needed a lot more flour than the recipe stated,
both when being mixed, and also when rolling out, but see how you go...

Here's a photo of our very rustic looking pizzas...

(photo taken by me for use on loveprintstudio blog)

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