Monday, 27 May 2013

Back from Ibiza...

Well hello there lovely readers!
I've just returned from a lovely week away with the boy in Ibiza.
Hope you enjoyed the two colour crush posts I left you with...

We stayed in the resort of Saint Euliala in Ibiza which is the quieter side of the island 
(needless to say, glow sticks were not involved at any point of our holiday, neither were we breaking out any moves similar to 'big fish little fish'...ha ha! Soooo old skool!?). 

We got to visit some lovely places, in and around the island, of which many photos were taken (obviously) 
so I'll be posting a few very this space. 
It was lovely to come back to a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, woop woop! 
And, some glorious weather on Sunday too, happy days!

Heres a little snap of Ibiza Town but there'll be more to follow soon...
Hope you all had a good week!

(photo taken by me for loveprintstudio blog)

x x x

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