Sunday, 28 April 2013

Snaps from the Lake District...

Well, I'm a bit late getting around to sorting the pics I took in the Lake District, but out of quite a few, heres a little gathering of my favourites...
We stayed in the very lovely Old Post House in Lakeside.

Oh, and you know the song, 'Four Seasons in One Day'...?
Well, we seemed to have four seasons in one week;
waking up to snow on our very first day there, then bright glorious sunshine, followed by rain.
A little strange, but still a wonderful week!

love these li'l guys...check out their bright orange feet!

our home for the week

a wintery day on lake windermere in march!

a fresh spring day

a walk in the woods with my boys



(all photos taken by me for loveprinstudio blog)

x x x


  1. Looks wonderful, never been to the Lake District but it is on my places to visit list.

    1. Definitely worth a visit Tracey, it's sooo lovely :-)
      We enjoyed our March trip but the holiday we had there in June a few years ago was even better, sunshine, warm days and lots of tea and cake outside x

  2. Gorgeous photos, the place you stayed looks amazing with its little blue window frames...oh and the ducks! too cute x

  3. Really lovely pictures, it looks like you had a lovely time



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