Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Well, what a week...

We had a week away in the Lake District last week, and my my, we saw four seasons in one week!
It was beautiful though...waking up to snow on our first morning there.
The rain not so lovely however, but one day out of six isn't bad, 
the rest of our time there was dry atleast, but extremely cold, bbrrrrr! 
And the sun did make a little sneaky appearance occasionally.

Whats going on with our weather lately anyway? 
Seriously, its nearly April, whats with all the snow?

Need some sun!

So anyway, heres a little pic I took last week, the beautiful Lake Windermere in the snow. 
I'll post a few more once I've had chance to sort through them all.

Hope you all had a good week last week

x x x
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