Sunday, 9 December 2012

Happy (belated) December!

Well, I'm a bit late saying it... but Happy December everyone!
Our decorations went up last weekend so we're fully into the christmas swing of things so to say.

Now... anyone who knows me, pretty much knows I have a strong aversion to red.
Any kind of red. 
I cannot for the life of me wear anything even close to red. 

Its safe to say, I look awful in red.

So, thats said...I love (yes, love! well, around the house anyway) red at Christmas and feel the need to fill our house with it and go a little white and red scandinavic meets traditional cottage style.

After our first christmas in the new house a couple of years ago, we had a bit of a make do approach  regarding decorations and had donations from my lovely folks to make our house feel even remotely like a home for the festive season.
As grateful as we were of them, I do now love buying a few new bits every year now and adding to our box of tricks, well, decorations.

One of my all time favourite decorations has been in our family for years though, and I remember being obsessed with it when I was younger and so my Uncle gave it to me some years ago. 
Its the most battered little wisp of a tree but I absolutely love it and each and every year, up it goes, sitting there, feeling a bit sad but I'll never get rid of it.
Here it is in all its glory...

(photos by me)

x x x

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