Tuesday, 13 March 2012

There's no denying it...

Well...as followers and regular visitors to my little piece of blog land over here will know, clearly I love anything to do with design, illustration, print, pattern and general creative loveliness... 

 But, my other BIG love is food! 
Yes, there's no denying it, I love eating it, reading about it, watching certain celebrity chefs cook it (no mention of Mr. Oliver! mmmmm) it and then dabbling with some of it in yummy recipes myself. 
And I do love a good foodie blog, especially one with beautifully styled images and this ones a keeper! 

I recently discovered call me cupcake and fell head over heels instantly as I searched the archives and cooed over the gorgeous photography and yummy recipes... just beautiful, and I'm sure you'll agree. 

Here are just a few of my favourite picks...

(all images from www.call-me-cupcake.blogspot.com)

x x x

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  1. Ooh i love a good food blog! off to check it out now...and if you dont already read it spoon fork bacon is a great food blog!x


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