Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ooh how nice....

Well, after a lovely few days down in Cornwall spent mostly eating, drinking, shopping and exploring,  (photos to follow soon) I'm back to find my ickle loveprint studio blog has been given an award, yay!!!!

A big thank you to the lovely Rebecca over at littletree designs who has listed me, along with five other fellow bloggers to receive the Liebster Award! 
(check out her post here and be sure to have a little gander at the other blogs as they're super yummy!)

How lovely :-)

What a nice end to a great weeks holiday...

My next task is to pick five more fabulous blogs to receive the award 
(that bit will be tricky, there are sooooooo many gorgeous blogs out there in blog land) this space for my selections over the next couple of weeks

As for now, I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine on this lovely Sunday

happy weekend all!

x x x


Ooh... thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment about the post, I love reading all of them, and will try to reply where I can x x x

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