Saturday, 6 August 2011

Villa Nova...

Villa Nova have a lovely new collection out... High Society. 
See here for more.
Its has a lovely nostalgic look taking inspiration from the 1950's, with hand drawn ladies in 'Tea at the Ritz', a quirky, abstract look in 'Garland' (my favourite) with a real retro influence, and quirky motifs in 'Lyric' and 'Tiffany'.
Got to love a bit of a 50's trend!

Villa Nova also have other new collections on their website; 'Nyssa', 'Astrid' and more, so have a looksie, enjoy!

Heres a bit of a peek...

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  1. What an amazing collection! Very chic. The colors are absolutely delightful and the patterns are so well balance and soft. Thanks for sharing!


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