Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Baileys Home and Garden

I had a lovely little trip out to Baileys Home and Garden store recently which my lovely friend introduced me to. (she knows me so well... I loved it!) 
They sell a gorgeous mix of vintage and new products all based around the concept of recycling, re-using and repair (a topic I'm sure we're all aware of lately!?).
The shop itself, made up from magically restored and repaired run down buildings is situated at Whitecross Farm near Ross-on-Wye.
If you're ever passing nearby it's definetley worth a visit.
Some of the gorgeousness you can expect to find are 'kitchenalia', stationery, an array of scented candles, textiles and much more...

Ooh and you'll just love the packaging they use, beautiful!

Here are a few sneaky pics and some images from their own website for a taster...

(images above taken from baileys website)

(photographs inside Baileys Home and Garden store)

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