Monday, 23 July 2018

Weekend pinning...

For me, weekends are a time when I can indulge in one of my big loves...
Luckily for me, I have a husband who shares my passion for culinary delights.
Saturday morning conversations in our house pretty much always start, not with “Good morning”, or “How did you sleep?”, but with “Right, where shall we eat today?”,
and there’s no complaints from me for that. 
Priorities right?

So, after a Saturday spent devouring whatever splendours the elected tea room, country pub or restaurant has to offer, Sunday mornings are for discovering (or rediscovering) a good food blog, and trawling the archives for recipes I want to try out over the next few weeks.

This weekend has been no exception, and it’s seen me pinning some rather yummy looking food pins, along with lots of other loveliness...

How cute are these li'l guys? (1)

Beautiful colours from Jilly P (2)

Wow..these rhubarb and almond hand pies from Donna Hay are on the to do list for sure. (3)

Love this quote! And as an all round self doubter/ general overthinker I think I should take note. (4)

I will definitely be trying this simple bread recipe from a firm blogging favourite of mine, Cider with Rosie (5).

The Summer Peach Galette from Fork Knife Swoon is just too much. Look at that divine vanilla ice cream melting...I could literally eat the whole thing, and probably would given the chance! (6)

Beautiful golden florals by floral designer Yasmine (7)

x x x

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