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Etsy shop find...a chat with Forme Jewellery

Something a little different for you in this months etsy interview...
We're delving into the world of jewellery with the designer maker behind
  Forme Jewellery, Jaynie Batty.
The first thing I noticed when I came across Jaynies jewellery, were the stunning colour combinations she used in her designs. The detail is in the shape, colour and subtle patterning.
You'll be hard pushed to pick a favourite, they're all so beautiful!
But give it a go won't you, and head over to etsy and her freshly stocked shop full of necklaces to 'oooooh' over!

You lovely readers can get a special 10% discount at checkout if you enter 'FORME10'.

So, grab that all important cuppa and let's get to know a little about Jaynie shall we, and Forme Jewellery...

1. Can you tell us a bit about you and your background?
I was brought up near Haworth (Bronte Country) and currently live in a village not far from Leeds.
I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do/be when I left school, I enjoyed Art and Design but was told I'd make a good teacher so applied for courses in both, I was accepted for both but decided to take the artistic route purely because it sounded more fun!

This led me to do a BA (hons) in Surface Pattern and Design at Leeds College of Art, I loved it! I graduated in 1997 (such a long time ago!!)
After a year or so with some determination and perseverance I got a job at a Home furnishing fabric company near Nottingham as a Textile Designer, I worked my way up to Senior Designer and stayed there for 15 years! After I had my son Alex (nearly 7 now) my fiancĂ© and I made the decision to move back up North to Leeds. 
I now work as a freelance textile designer and also run Forme Jewellery.

 2. Tell us about a typical day for you...
I am not a morning person so usually snooze my alarm a few times then get up and have a coffee to bring me round!
Then get Alex ready and take up to school, when I get back I have another coffee while checking emails.  When thats done I start working on whatever briefs I have been given by my clients. My main client is a craft fabric company called Lewis & Irene, I do all their designs for them so it keeps me pretty busy.
During the day I might also find a little time dedicate to Forme Jewellery (painting/sanding beads, choosing colours etc.) but that mostly happens during the evening when Alex has gone to bed. I find working on my jewellery so enjoyable and relaxing it doesn't feel like work.

 3. Can you give us an insight into your creative process?
It usually starts with choosing paint colours, I am always on the look out for new colour combinations (my phone is full of photos of interesting colour palettes I spot while I'm out and about). I then Sand-Paint-Repeat a LOT of wooden beads of all shapes and sizes, when they're dry and give them a coat of varnish to make them more hard wearing. I also use polymer clay to make the 'tube' beads in my work, this involves mixing colours together and experimenting with textures, then baking them in the oven.
Then comes my favourite part, I lay out different shapes and sizes in a necklace formation, I might do about 10 at at time and play about with different combinations until I'm happy, then string them and add the finishing touches.
4. Obviously, you're constantly putting beautiful colour combinations together to create your wonderful pieces of jewellery. Whats your favourite colour combination currently? What inspires your colour palettes?

At the moment I'm into shades of muted pinks and corals with slatey greys, I have noticed a lot of softer colours coming through at the moment. I do love a pop of neon though (must be the 80's child in me). My all time favourite colour is aqua- any shade of aqua!
I find reds and purples harder to use but am working on combinations using these colours at the moment!
I think Instagram is an amazing source of inspiration I follow a lot of designers and Illustrators and probably spend far too much time looking at it.
I also keep an eye on the emerging trends in fashion and Interiors, I find it fascinating. 

 5. What makes you laugh?
My little boy!
I also like to listen to podcasts while I work- Adam Buxton is my favourite- he always makes me laugh!
6. Where do you work? Describe your studio space...

We have just had re-shuffle in our little house and a loft conversion to create more space. I now have a room of my own for all my creative 'stuff'.
It needs work to make it beautiful but at the moment I have a long desk with my computer and iPad pro at one end and my beads and jewellery things at the other. 
7. Any exciting plans for 2018? New products, craft fayres,etc.....

I have had a slow start to the year with all the building work that happened in our house but plan to get up and running again with some new necklaces and hopefully do some summer and Christmas Makers fairs this year. I also plan to be more actively involved in Etsy Team Leeds.
8. Tell us 10 Random Facts about yourself..

    1. Coffee fuels my life! I don't even want to count how may cups I drink in a day- I love a Flat White!
    2. I was born in the Yorkshire Dales and crave the countryside- I would love to move back there one day.
    3. I like 1990's hip hop.
    4. I broke my ankle my messing about on my little boys scooter last year. 
    5. I don't like cooking much but I love eating!
    6. I love a quiz!
    7. I don't like purple and am struggling to like the Pantone of the Year.    
    8. I like Wes Anderson films- the colours, the symmetry- they're just so stylish!
    9. When i was young I would not wear dresses- I now love dresses and probably have too many.
    10. At school I didn't think I was very good at Art. I asked my teacher if he thought I was good enough to take an A level in it. Luckily he said 'yes' and it's shaped my life!
9. What books/ magazines are you reading?

I'm afraid I'm not a big reader, I don't know where I'd find the time to be honest!
I am reading Frankie and Caboodle Magazines at the moment though.

10. Whats your guilty pleasure?

Early Katy Perry tunes
Coronation Street (I've watched it since I was a kid)
Made In Chelsea
Ice Cream
11.Name 3 things you can't live without..
Ipad Pro
Friends and Family (does that go without saying?)
12. What tips or advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business/ opening an Etsy shop?

Go for it!
Start small, maybe start with a few products and see how they go.
Try not to under value your products, you've probably worked hard developing your unique style and hand making products and the price should reflect this.
Use social media to your advantage- spread the word far and wide. 
Don't hesitate to open an Etsy Shop, its relatively easy and could lead to great things!

A big thanks to Jaynie for taking the time to be part of the etsy interview feature, and giving us an insight into her world.

Follow Forme Jewellery on instagram here.

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