Thursday, 8 December 2016

Books you'll love in 2017!

There are some lovely looking books coming up in 2017, so I thought I'd share some of them in todays post. 
It's an 'add to wish list' kinda day!

Deep in the Forest - Josef Anton & Lucie Brunelliere (7th March 17)

Antoinette - Kelly DiPucchio & Christian Robinson (23rd March 17)

Tidy - Emily Gravett (18th May 17)

Lots - Marc Martin (23rd February 17)

Imagine That - Yasmeen Ismail (4th July 17)

Sometimes Its Storks - L.J.R Kelly & Brothers Hilts (1st March 17)

Somewhere Else - Gus Gordon ( 5th December 17)

Emma and the Whale - Julie Case & Lee White (7th March 17)

I Don't Know What To Call My Cat - Simon Philip & Ella Bailey (12th Jan 17)

Norton and Alpha - Kristyna Litten (9th February 17)

All available to pre-order on amazon

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  1. Just discovered your beautiful blog, I am finding inspiration every day x

    1. So lovely of you! Glad you're enjoying the posts x

  2. Thanks so much for including my Somewhere Else. Chuffed to see it here. It's already out in Australia but not out in the US until the Fall. Us picture book folk have to be VERY patient! Best, Gus

  3. Wow, you really do don't you! The book looks lovely..look forward to seeing it next year x


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