Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Inspired by...Gisela Graham

Gisela Graham have some lovely things going on in their Easter collection this year.
I saw a great selection of the different products in a gorgeous little shop last week when we were in the Peak District.
It looked really lovely all displayed together and would made for one very happy little decorative Easter gathering!
The colours are perfect for the start of spring and everything feels really fresh across each collection. 

Sugary pastels with blossoms, bunnies and chicks, garlands, ceramics pieces and egg trees...

The traditional country kitchen feel of  'Hen Sweet Hen' is beautiful, using grey tones, taupe and bluesy greens mixed with hen imagery. 
I need that little egg cup in my world... boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast every day of the week if he was on the table!

Here are a few images from their website and blog, which you can visit here.

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