Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Well said...

I'm not really a big fan of New Years resolutions.
Theres always the 'must get fitter', 'must eat better' kinda ones that always stay tucked away in the back of my mind, which I'm sure is the same for many of us, especially after all the over indulging at Christmas.
But generally, nope, no 2016 resolutions here.

However, there have been a few quotes I've seen over on instagram and pinterest recently that really struck a chord, so I intend to think of them as my new year mantra and generally good words to live by...

Easier said than done, but worth a shot... found here

More everything! Found here

Every. damn. day 
Found here

Snap away! Found here

ever... found here

Yes! Found here

As the song goes...let it go! Found here

and finally...

Found here

x x x

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