Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Inspired by...Mani Annie Art...

I recently stumbled upon the beautifully, mesmerising artwork of Mani Parkes aka Mani Annie Art and couldn't wait to share it with you.

I love her use of colour and the feeling she manages to evoke in her paintings.
Her artwork uses tones of chalky blues with grey, whites and cream with pops of red or ocre here and there, just gorgeous!

When reading about Mani on her website; 
"My wish is to capture a quiet moment that makes people smile'.
Well, she certainly made me to do that this morning, and hopefully you too.

Inspired by the simple things in life; the day to day sights, buildings, cycling through the streets and characters she comes across on the school run, Mani is able to translate what she sees into the most beautiful paintings. 
Day trips by train, breakfast in bed, book sales, a surprise bouquet of flowers from an admirer and cycling on the first day of spring, just the every day made special!
I love the little dogs that appear in her work too (obviously)

To see more of Mani Annie Art click here for her website and here for her folksy shop.

(all images above copyright of Mani Parkes)

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