Monday, 25 May 2015

Back from Surtex!

Wooo hooooo!
We did it!
Paper & Cloth are back from Surtex and a super busy week spent in New York.

As much as I enjoy seeing New York, 
its always nice to get back home and see my boys.
Especially when the weeks and months leading up to the show are so crazy busy preparing and getting the portfolios all good to go.

If you visited the show, I hope you had a great time,
and if you exhibited, I hope the show was a success!
I managed to catch up with some lovely blogger friends while I was there which was great and obviously there was a lot of heavy snacking, mmmm, pancakes...

Anyway, here's our promo from the show. 
This was our flyer, and we had postcards printed, and it also featured as a huge banner on the back wall at the show.

See you next year Surtex!

(image above copyright of paper and cloth design studio)

x x x 

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