Monday, 16 February 2015

Lovely links...tropical flowers, beautiful colours and a little bit of Bowie!

Following on from last months shiny new feature
here are some more lovely links, 
hope you discover something new!

This gorgeous tropical inspired post found on longina phillips blog.
Loving this image; a photograph mixed with drawings.

I adore the colours in Pegge Hoppers work, found on the jealous curator blog.
This is just one of the many images in the post, have a look, they're gorgeous!

Ziggy Stardust found on Little Gatherer blog - on influencing your children's music a bit of Bowie!

Little spaces found on Little Gatherer - gorgeous spaces for your tiny tots

Printable Valentines cards for kids on handmade charlottes blog -  so cute!

These illustrations for the zodiac are just lovely! 
Found on trend land blog, the artwork is by Katy Smail and she uses some amazing colour combinations in her work, love, love love!

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