Monday, 14 July 2014

Cake, cake and more cake...

Well, I'm back from an absolutely gorgeous week in the Lake District.
I couldn't believe how lucky we were with the weather...
It was soooo hot!
We had expected rain and grey days after closely following the weather reports leading up to our break, but no..the weather gods were on our side and graced us with lovely gorgeous shiny sun, yay!

There'll be some photos to follow soon, as you can imagine, I took several hundred and it will take some time to trawl through and edit, etc...

A lot of our time in the Lakes was spent eating and drinking (of course, right?) and we got through quite a few afternoon teas and yummy sweet things. 
To say I'm finding getting back to my healthier diet and my first fast day a little tricky is an understatement!
Well what are holidays for if not to over indulge a little?

Anyway... a little 'Take Four' post inspired by my munching of them all last week, mmmmm.

x x x

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