Monday, 23 June 2014

A healthy foodie...well, atleast twice a week!

Well, Monday soon rolls round again doesn't it?
Bit of a different post for me today, it's a lengthy one!
Let's talk food...

I love food,
I love the 'event' of a meal with family or friends,
I love baking, cooking and everything in between,
but since doing the 5:2 diet, I've been looking at food a little differently.

The idea behind it is that you limit yourself to 500 calories twice a week and on the other days you're able to eat normally, i.e. the 2000 recommended calories for a woman.

My goal was never to lose weight as such, more to be healthier...fitter...have more energy,
and the 5:2 was the motivation I needed to restrict myself for two days a week, and literally have days off from eating (sounds silly I know).

For recipe inspiration, the itsu cookbook is great, and also the fast diet book.
But there's also so much information online too;

I've felt so much better, my skins improved, I never have that bloated feeling after eating now, and alongside drinking lots of mineral water and swimming once a week, happy days!
The main thing I've found a huge difference in, is cutting out white bread and white rice, totally.
If you can only manage one small change, seriously, let it be this!
Stick to brown and wholegrain and trust me, you'll feel better.

I don't religiously stick to 500 calories on my fast days now, instead I prefer to stick to whole foods; fruit and vegetables, brown rice, white meat, eggs, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, natural yoghurt, but strictly no chocolate, sugar, or anything processed, etc..
and on the other days I eat what I feel like, which to be honest seems to still be pretty healthy, but I allow myself that cheeky biscuit if I want it.
Everything in moderation right?

Theres so much buzz around at the moment on different diets, or more honestly 'lifestyle choices'; raw, vegan, quit sugar, paleo, no carb, non dairy, etc...  and whilst I'm not interested in cutting things totally out of my diet and or making a lifestyle choice that limits the enjoyment I get from food... what I'm definitely interested in is eating better, making healthier choices, and seeing what could be the more wholesome and nutritious versions of some of my favourite foods, (and especially something to replace that 3pm chocolate hit I usually require!)

I'll definitely still be having pancakes for breakfast at the weekend, the occasional pub meal and those generous pieces of chocolate brownie (yum).

So, after all my ramblings, here are a few recipes I'll be trying soon, with links to their websites that are worth checking out if you're interested about reading more on the subject of eating healthier, wholesome foods, and cutting those nasties hidden in some shop bought bits and bobs...

Bread...a big nemesis
I've been avoiding white bread for quite some time now, sticking to wholemeal, nuts and seed varieties.
I came across this gorgeous 'Life changing loaf of bread' on a new blog find and its definitely a keeper.

The afternoon snack...
These look like some great alternatives to try.

Full of goodness...walnuts, seeds, keep you going past the 3 o'clock dip.

Granola...looooove granola, but some of that shop bought stuff is full of sugar, so here's a good homemade version, and even with a little bit of chocolate, should you want it.

And here are some good books that will be winging their way to my bookshelf pretty sharpish...

If the other Leon books are anything to go by, this is sure to be a good buy!

Not out until January 2015 but this should be a goodie!

So, hopefully a little bit of food inspiration for your Monday!

I'll be trying out some recipes I've found over the next few weeks so watch this space.
Right now I'm off to order some medjool dates, cacao powder and a truck load of nuts!


Here's a link to my healthy eating board and healthy snacks board on pinterest if you'd like to follow.

x x x

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  1. Hi Lou! Loved this post, its totally what I am all about and what I want to teach my clients once I pass my nutrition course. You have it to a 't' its all about making small changes towards a healthier lifestyle! You know I have my new food blog (simply eat) and was wondering if you would like to try one of the new recipes you have discovered and blog about it for me? If you don't have time then no worries, just an idea! xx


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