Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pinterest picks...lusting for lemon!

I think I'm obsessed with lemon/yellow/ocre/saffron 
(and various other shades/combinations of...) at the moment.
I've done several posts now that feature yellow in some way, shape or form...

There was 'Mellow Yellow'
a definite yellow and cake themed three lovely things post, 
and then this recent colour crush post with gorgeous rich blues and saffron.

Strangely, when I think about colours I'm loving at the moment, 
yellows don't really feature too highly. 
It's more sugar pastels and neapolitan shades doing it for me lately, but somehow in my subconscious, there it is! 
My happy little world of all things lemon...
Welcome once more...

1 | This glorious meringue topped lemon pie

2 | Beautiful colour combo in outift form

3 | Abstract painting by Britt Bass

6 | Fabulous shoes,no?

7 | Ham and eggs..yes please

x x x

1 comment:

  1. EVERONE in Brighton has touches of sunny yellow on at the moment, its like they all loved the colour but have never known when to wear it and the time is NOW!!!


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