Monday, 10 February 2014

Three lovely things...of the pink variety!

It's the week of all that lovey dovey mushy stuff 
and I've got a few posts lined up this week with that in mind, 
so first up is a little gathering of three lovely things, 
all with a very nice pink related theme...

1 | Loving the beautiful artwork of 'My Lovely Thing'

2 | Dark chocolate cake donuts with blood orange glaze..
not much else to say really, mmmmmmm...

3 | How nice is her hair colour?? 
Such a lovely soft shade of pink
If only I thought I could suit this...

x x x


  1. I don't usually 'do' valentines but I would be most happy if a special someone baked me a stack of those gorgeous doughnuts! xx

    1. Yeah we don't do valentines day either really but have to agree...those donuts would go down a treat! :-)


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