Monday, 28 October 2013

Take Four { food blogs }

As you know, if you're followers of this here, my little piece of blog land, 
I do love a bit of food related photography and styling. 

Photography, generally...
Food, generally...
but together, 
my oh my...happy days indeed!

And four bloomin' marvellous stops for you on that quest, should you share the need for it,
are some of my faves...
These four are amazing at what they do and and I so admire their photography, recipes and general style.

Enjoy perusing...

Top with Cinnamon - 17 year old London based Izy, with a passion for baking and cooking, and if thats not enough, a little fabulous behind the camera too!

Local Milk - Tennessee based Beth armed with a cast iron skillet and a camera

Honey & Jam - Hannah Queen..baker and photographer, just beautiful...

What Katie Ate - Sydney based Katie Quinn Davies..photographer, stylist and food author

(All images above from their respective blogs and all copyright is owned by them, links above)

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