Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pinterest picks ... { This & That }

Something for me, and something for the fluffy one in today's post...
I love these handmade collars and leads in geometric prints, by Hiro & Wolf,
found through not on the high street.
They come in three different colours but I particularly like the emerald green ones. 

And while Alfie's sporting one of those, I thought I could atleast be matching while we toddle to the park... with these lovely geo inspired nails...
(and I love the colour of that jumper too)

Just got to find the time and patience to even attempt them! But soooo nice, right?

x x x


  1. Love the collar! So cute. ♥ I think the light blue is my favourite colour.

    1. All the colours are lovely aren't they! Should get all three :-)


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