Friday, 22 February 2013

Inspired by...Kirra Jamison

It was back in December when I last did a 'Love print...Love ?' post so I thought it was about time I added another to the little collection of lovely designers I admire.
This time it's the turn of Kirra Jamison...

Kirra doesn't need much saying about her beautiful work as it speaks volumes! 
I love her collections of gorgeous bold, abstract florals, and look at the colours, yum!

Theres plenty more to see over on her website so be sure to take a look, enjoy!

(all images from

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  1. Arent they gorgeous!! Really lovely colour combinations.. would love a wall full of these, make a change from all the kids pictures I have displayed everywhere. ???!!

  2. I'm a great fan of hers too..So bold and vibrant but not overly girly..great choice!!

  3. Thanks 4 the intro to her work..... stunning!!!!!


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