Friday, 24 August 2012

Inspired by...Freya Art

How beautiful is the artwork of Freya Art?! 
I absolutely love her designs and have done for quite some time. 
I've recently noticed some new items popping up in her Etsy shop and thought I'd show a few of my favourites...
You can choose from large or small prints of her amazing artworks, greeting cards, wooden mobiles, aprons, tote bags, cushions.. soooo much eye candy to oooh and aaahh over, yum yum!
I need one of these prints in my life, but which one...

She's also re- designing her website at the moment but it's looking lovely even with just a welcome page! 
Can't wait to see the finished site!

Anyway, here are some favourites (there are quite a few)

 (all images taken from freya arts etsy shop here)

happy weekend all! 
And its an extra specially long one, happy days :-)

x x x

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  1. I love Freya Art and these new pieces are amazing! Loving the little french cats print...and the website is looking fab cant wait to see more! x


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