Thursday, 16 August 2012

Decisions, decisions...

(picture credits for above - top right / bottom left)

I am desperate to get a digital slr camera... 
I soooooo want one!
I've loved photography ever since my college days and still love it now,
and I'm done with being a point and shoot kinda girl.
Not that theres anything wrong with pointing and shooting at all, I've been able to get many a good photo with the use of my trusty little digital Canon camera and not forgetting the iphone and all the fabulous apps you can get;  instagram/ hipstamatic/ snapseed, etc...
They've both seen me through what I've needed, but I'm ready for a new challenge!

I'm always admiring other peoples handy work with a camera, and as many of you will know if you're a follower of mine on pinterest, I like nothing more than to pin some glorious food styling images, interior styling pics, lifestyle photos, magazine shoots or images that just make me stop and go 'ooooh what a beautiful photograph'!

So, I'm going to do it, after I've read endless reviews, and done my research, its decision time, and the big debate of Canon vs Nikon in the camera wars...!
Which to go for?

What do you own?
Any recommendations?

Canon is winning at the moment, thanks to friends opinions, my old school Dad and Uncle, bless 'em ('always Canon cameras and always Panasonic electricals!')

I'm currently having a play with my dads old Canon digital slr and its super lovely!
The image quality is beautiful.

So, watch this space.
I'll fill you all in when I've decided what to get and there'll probably be some serious amateur photography going on, so apologies in advance!
I'll try and document my attempts on here as I try and teach myself the ins and outs and goings on with white balance and shutter speeds...
I might even start with one of those 30 day photography challenges you see around pinterest :-)

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So, in honour of this post on photography, here are a few beautiful images, styled or just naturally stunning, that I'm loving at the moment...
See more here...

(picture credits for above 1 / 2 / 3/ 4 / 5 / 6 )

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  1. Hi Lou, In response to your comment today I don't use a fancy camera just a little digital one (samsung) but my dad is a camera freak and he uses an Olympus DSLR, different to the norm but its just as good as nikon/canon...sorry I can't be more help in your dilemma!x


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