Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Helen Lang...

Helen Lang of Wetpaint Illustrations and Prints has been busy creating some new screen prints recently and they're now in her etsy shop for you to admire and purchase!

Helen has also very kindly offered readers an amazing 20% discount off all purchases in her etsy shop until the end of June, so better get a shifty on! 
Just enter the code FABULONPEEPS2012

Her new designs include 'Dog A-Z screenprint' which is an adorable, playful design for any dog lover, featuring an array of little fluffy friends. C for Corgi, L for Labrador and P for Pug. 
One of my favourites has to be 'X'! 
(take a look, soooo cute)

Two other new pieces are 'In the Woods', a limited edition screen print of a decorative stags head made out of birds and foliage, including gold foil detail, and 'In the Garden', another limited edition hand pulled screen print of a trio of butterflies in chocolate, black and gold.

And I also really liked this li'l guy...

You can see more of Helens work on her website
Here are a few favourites...

(All images taken from Helens etsy shop and website)

Happy shopping!

x x x


  1. I just love the dog alphabet! so cute!x

  2. Her work is amazing! I love the alphabet and the owl. x

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