Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Inspired by...Brie Harrison

Another little feature from my ever increasing 
list of favourite designers/ illustrators and generally talented eggs!

Next up...

Brie Harrison and her beautiful prints...
Brie is a print designer and illustrator who studied Fashion Textile Design at University.
She's worked in London and New York and recently designed a range of greeting cards and gift wrap for Art Angels before deciding on a career as a freelance designer to pursue her love for illustration.
Her clients include Galison, Radley and WGSN among others.

Brie has also appeared in Mike Perry's book 'Over and Over', dedicated to pattern design,
(there are lots of gorgeous patterns in that book, so I recommend a purchase if you haven't already got it sitting on your bookshelf) 
and has also more recently been featured in Charlotte Rivers book 'I Love Stationery'.
(again, another lovely, yummy book)

Here are a few of my favourites...
Lovely colour, beautiful textures, stunning bold florals and the odd bird dotted about, what more do you want...

Below is the wall that Brie curated at Supermarket Sarah, featuring her own designs alongside Mike Perry, Jim Stoten, Luke Best and many more...

You can see more of Bries gorgeous designs on her website here.
And you can buy her lovely cushions, cards, wrap, shoppers and prints in her online shop here.
(All above images from Brie's website)
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  1. Thanks for sharing I haven't come across Brie's work before and it is totally up my design street! Love those cushions in the first to explore the shop!x

  2. Oh yes thank you so much for sharing, I didn't know her work but I am so in love with her designs, beautiful flowers and colors, all that I love in the pattern industry :)

  3. Love those cushions... Off to visit her shop :-) x


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