Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thank you...

I just thought Id' drop in and say a little thank you to all of my lovely new followers. 
I have recently had a little surge of newcomers so thought I'd take the time to say both 'Hi' and 'Thanks!'
I am extremely grateful that you all continue to follow my goings on 
and like to see whats inspiring me, the blogs I love, the designers I admire, 
the things I've recently stumbled upon...among other little features on here too. 
And I love reading all of your comments :-)

If you didn't know already, I can also be found in pinning heaven over on pinterest (just click the little 'P' icon down the left hand column)

And its very true what people say, its sooooooo super addictive! 
You have been warned!

Here are just a few of my most recent pins... and what you can expect to find...

Hop on over and say hi... 
you're sure to stumble across some lovely images and find loads of fab pinners who inspire!

x x x

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