Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year...

So... 2012 has indeed arrived! 
I hope the last couple of weeks of 2011 were spent eating, drinking and generally having fun with family and friends!
I'm feeling really good about this year, there are lots of fab things going on; its my Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary (yes 40! woo hoo!) in May, followed very quickly by my Moms 60th birthday and shortly after that, my big 30! (eek!)
So, lots to look forward to and hopefully exciting things coming this way...

x x x

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So, I've seen in the New Year with a mini post but wont be back again until mid January now as I'm off on a marvellous, magical adventure to the fabulous New York with Paper and Cloth to exhibit at the Printsource show, yay!

See you back here then!

x x x

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